A wedding is one of the most important times in a person's life, and naturally it's a time where you want nothing wrong to happen. It's important to hire companies you can trust to make sure that every part of your trip goes as best as possible. Weddings tend to bring in some great and luxurious features, such as high quality catering, photographers, beautiful dresses and suits, and so much more. They might also be held at multiple locations, and you need to get there using the most reliable way possible. That's where we come in. We know just how stressful your special day might be. That's why we make it our greatest effort to make sure that the transportation for your event happens with no issues at all. Our professional chauffeurs are experienced in all the best routes around the city, so your guests will always be on time to all your event locations, that's our guarantee. You'll be able to relax and enjoy your wedding. It comes and goes fast because of how much fun you have, so make sure you soak everything in.

You can book your entire wedding experience with us, from the bachelor and bachelorette parties, to the wedding day itself. We guarantee a fun filled experience that is sure to put you at ease. With our quality service, transportation is going to be one less thing for you to worry about for your big day. Using a limo bus for these occasions is probably one of the most popular events that we cover, so try to book your wedding as early as possible, especially during the spring and summer months. You can call us any time, and any day, to book your trip, and we will be happy to help you.

Do you have a wedding coming soon? Well you have one last thing to do before walking down the aisle. That is to say goodbye to your single life. A bachelor or bachelorette party is just what you need. The maid of honor/bridesmaids/best man/ groomsmen are the ones who throw this party for the bride and groom. Usually it is a surprise to the bride or groom and involves many drinks, places and memories. There are many options of where to have a the party. For a more low key party, there are options like getting pampered in a salon or nail parlor for girls and golf or a BBQ for guys to a more high key like bar hopping or dancing in a night club for but girls and guys.

The chauffeur will take you and the guests where ever you want. You have no need to worry about driving while intoxicated, finding a designated driver or a taxi. The chauffeur will make sure that everyone gets there safely. So with nothing to worry about, you are free to enjoy your time. The buses are full of amenities to keep the party going. Wedding season is a busy time, call ahead to book your reservation.

Miami sports are something to be proud of, and every game attracts tons fans. Every team is something we can all be proud of. This of course also means that when you come to a sports game, you might be faced with a great deal of traffic. So why not enjoy it? When you rent a limo bus to get you and your friends to the game, you get the full luxurious experience, even when you're stuck in all that traffic. You can listen to the pregame on the radio, and pregame on drinks that you brought on the bus with you. Then, after the game, you can relax quietly an finish off your night in the comfort of our leather seats, as you enjoy some cold beers from the built in bars. Even when you do get to the game, another inconvenience that you might have to deal with is parking. That's another way the limo bus can help! When we get to the game, you just get off and go enjoy the game! We will take care of the parking.

The citizens of Miami love to view games played by the Heat, the Dolphins or the Marlins and more! When you're ready to book your trip, try to do so with an ample amount of time, as taking limo buses to games has grown increasingly popular. We offer the best deluxe features for the lowest and most affordable prices, as well as professional service that is sure to redefine your idea of luxury. Enjoy the ultimate sports going experience, and book your bus today!

One of the best and most popular ways to use a limo bus is to take your birthday party to the next level. Let us be the designated driver for your night off. When you have a birthday on the bus, you have two options. First of all, you can have your entire party right on the bus where you can enjoy all of the luxury deluxe features we are so well known for. Enjoy things like the epic sound system to blast music while you dance around and our buses even have dancing poles to really get the party going. You can drink all you want in the built in bars and watch your favorite videos on the multiple flat screen TVs our buses come with. We have all the gadgets to make sure that you can choose anything you want from our DVD players an auxiliary audio. Or, your second option might be to use the bus to party and club hop all night. You still get all the best features such as the ability to pregame, and the loud sound system. Our trained chauffeurs know all of the hottest locations around Miami, and they will get you there so that you enjoy both the bus, and the locations.

With all the features our buses offer, you may very well find that you already are in the hottest and best club in the area, in your very own bus. Our buses and limos come with some of the best and hottest features in on the market. This allows us to have a leg up on any other competition. We also offer the best and most affordable prices on the market, our comprehensive and personalized pricing scheme means that your night, will be very affordable. In fact, with all our great features, we may even become the hottest club/ bar in the area, with you being the VIPs!

With nights out, club hopping or bar hopping is a super popular choice. Bar Hopping is going from bar to bar, getting drinks and having fun. It could be a planned event or it could be a spontaneous event. Sometimes with planned events, the bars know you are coming and sometimes may offer discounted drinks for your group. A spontaneous bar hopping doesn't have the time limits and allows you to randomly go to a new bar whenever you want.

With lots of alcohol that is going to be consumed with bar hopping, the major worry is how are you going to get to the next bar. No one can drive if they have been drinking and no one ever wants to be the designated driver. With a limo bus from Miami Limousine, you will have a chauffeur who can take the party to the next bar safely. A limo bus is like a bar on wheels. So between the bars, you can drink in between from drinks you put in the provided coolers and granite bars. Drink Responsibly.

Prom and homecoming seasons are huge in the limousine industry. Prom and homecoming dances are, of course, the biggest events of the school year! When it's time to head to the big dance there's no better way than with a Miami limousine! And, parents, it's also a safe and reliable way to send your kids out for the big night!

We take transporting minors seriously. Contact holders must be 18 or older, so often the contract holder is the parent - and we only go to locations approved by parents, so you don't have to worry about where your kids are going or what they'll be doing. We can give you more details on our policies when you call! We're available 24/7!

Wine tours are a great way to spend a day! There are a ton of wineries and vineyards in the Miami area and countless others if you're up for a short travel! Of course drinking and driving is never something you should do, so when you're heading out for a day of wine tasting, a limousine from Miami Limousines is the best way to go! We can take you all over Florida to hit up any of the best wineries in the state.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today and book your limousine so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite vineyard!

If you're hosting a corporate event or big business function, a limousine or limo bus is a great idea for your guests. When you have colleagues coming in from all over the country to attend a big seminar or other event, have them picked up in style at their hotels and shuttled to the event in pure luxury. Our corporate shuttle services are just what you need to make your business function one to remember.

You don't need us to tell you that concerts are a fun way to spend a night. Nothing quite compares to seeing your favorite band live, especially in some of the great venues Miami has to offer. But sometimes travel and parking can be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, Miami Limousine is equipped to alleviate these frustrations for you! Renting a limousine for concert travel is a fantastic option, and we definitely recommend looking into it.

On our vehicles you can enjoy amazing sound systems to enjoy the music you want. You can also relax with a drink or even dance in the larger vehicles and you won't have to deal with any traffic back ups. No parking problems either, as we'll drop you off right out front!

Florida is known for it's amusement parks. Traveling from Miami, however can be a bit of a tiring drive if you do it on your own. But when you rent our transportation services all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride on your way to a world of fun! And after a long day of roller coasters and water slides, the last thing you want to do is deal with a long drive home, but with us you'll just get back on the limo and be driven home. We have a variety of vehicle sizes so you can easily travel with the whole family! Call us today for details!

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