Frequently Asked Questions

As long as everyone in your party is over 21 years of age, everyone can drink. If there is someone who is under 21 years of age, then there cannot be alcohol on the vehicle. We do not provide you with alcohol, so you'll have to bring your own. We do provide you with coolers that come stocked with ice so that you can let your drinks chill.
We do not provide alcohol, so yes, it is BYOB if you plan to drink. We do, however, stock the coolers with ice so it's ready to chill your drinks!
There is no smoking allowed. We like for our vehicles to stay fresh for all our customers to enjoy. You have unlimited number of stops so you can take a smoke break when needed. Just tell your driver and then they will pull over when it's safe to do so.
That's not a problem. If you are having fun and want to continue having fun, go right ahead. You'll never pay more than your hourly rate for each hour you go over. The money will be due when you are finished, in cash to the driver.
Of course they can! Children of any age can come one but please know that our seats are wrap around seats that don't have seatbelts. If there are going to be children and those under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicle.
Once you pay your deposit, you cannot cancel. We will remind you of that fact before finalizing to make sure you want to do it. You have to be 100% sure on the date, time and the want to do it. You cannot change the date of the reservation but depending on availability, you might be able to move your time earlier/later or upgrade/downgrade your vehicle.
You can rent a vehicle every day, weekend and holiday; at any time, day or night. When you want a limousine or limo bus, you'll be able to have one.
Bring as much as you want! There are coolers on the vehicles so you can keep food cold if needed and there are bar tops to store the food and drinks. Try not to make a huge mess though, if there's a lot that needs to be cleaned, you may get charged a cleaning fee.
We leave it up to you on how much you want to tip. If you had a great time and the driver was fantastic, tip them how much you feel they deserved.
You get unlimited stops and miles so you can go where ever you want to go. If you want to drive 3 hours one way and turn around and come back, you can. If you want to spend 15 minutes at every bar in the area, you can.
There are times where we book up fast and far in advance. It's best to make your reservation as soon as you know the date, time and number of passengers. This way you'll be guaranteed the vehicle you want. There are times in which you can call the same day and we might have a vehicle ready. In those times, we ask that you call a couple hours before you need it so that we can find a driver available and time from them to get to the garage.
Yes, we do require a deposit at the time of booking in order to reserve a vehicle. We cannot hold a vehicle without a deposit.
You can rent as early or as late as you'd like! Not only are our phone lines open 24/7, but our vehicles are available 24/7 as well!
We do have a minimum required rental time, but we don't have a maximum time set. You can call us for details on the requirements, as it may vary depending on time of day.

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