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Stop and take a look at some of Miami's most incredible party buses, limousines, and luxury vehicle rentals. But before you decide on a company, remember what is important. You, your guests, and what you will experience throughout the process leading up to your big day. You see, you will find that we have a very different approach to chauffeur services. That approach is one hundred percent centered around providing our clients with an incredible experience. In this day and age, we feel that customer service is somewhat of a forgotten art. So we have doubled down to ensure that our customer service is every bit as world class as the limousines and party buses we provide to the awesome people of Miami.

What makes the Party Bus Miami difference?

This is an easy answer, with a complex description. In short, it is our incredible staff. Companies that provide a service need a strong foundation. Our foundation is entirely comprised of the people who serve you on a daily basis. We're talking about our customer service agents, mechanics, auto detailers, accountants, and chauffeurs. These people are the heroes who will make the travel for whatever your are celebrating stress free, and confidence inducing. Give us a call. Experience the difference.

The party buses and limousines make a difference too!

We'd be lying if we said that we weren't completely passionate about the vehicles we've collected for you to enjoy. Each and every party bus & limousine we have is ready to hit the Miami streets and deliver some delicious luxury to all on board. You get to enjoy the opulent leather seats as your chauffeur navigates the traffic to each of your destinations. While on the road you'll be able to enjoy your favorite music on an amazing sound system. If video is more your style, be sure to bring some DVDs or BluRay's to serve up your favorite videos on our flat-panel HD TVs. Don't forget to bring a wide assortment of drinks to stash away in our wet bars for timely delivery while we're on the road. You get to enjoy all of this in the privacy of your amazing luxury vehicle as the mood lighting creates an ambiance that you will never forget. Yes... Our vehicles are the best and you're going to love every moment on board.

Events for Party Bus Trips in Miami

When in Miami, the options are limitless for what you can enjoy in one of America's greatest cities. Whether you are planning a ginormous wedding or getting ready to enjoy a night on the town... There's really no end to what you can do and see in this town. Miami Party Bus is the area's event specialists. We have provided incredible transportation services for a myriad of different special days. We can say with confidence - whatever you bring to our table, we can serve up excellence for whatever you have in store. Get ready to enjoy big days like bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, quinceañera, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, proms, homecoming dances, sports tailgate parties, winery tours, fundraising events, company gatherings, corporate seminars, and... well... we think you get the picture. Whatever you need to do, we can get you there in more style and comfort than you believed to be possible. Get ready, Miami. Experience the party bus difference!

Contact info for Party Bus Miami

We have client care services standing by 24/7, every single day of the year. Since we operate all day, every day, we feel it is a wise practice to keep our phone lines open and ready to help you at any time. We know that the world simply never stops. Sometimes you just want instant gratification. We are standing by to deliver just that. If you hope to make a reservation for your party bus in Miami at 3 A.M., give us a call! We'll be happy to help.

You can find our contact information below. We cannot wait to hear from you!